Lodge Manager – the tool for secretaries

If you need to login to lodgemanager, please click on the following link:

Screenshot of Lodge Manager
Lodge Manager is an online tool that will both help organise masonic lodge meetings as well as make the job of the lodge secretary easier. For the secretary, it allows him to maintain the lodge membership information. It enables him to keep information such addresses, offices held, appointments and honours received. It also enables him to send out lodge material in an easy way and at the same time remind members of their up and coming meetings.

For the individual, Lodge Manager allows them to see all the lodge meetings at a glance. If they are a member of more than one lodge or chapter, they will see the meetings of both organisations when they login.

It is recognised that not all members have access to computers on a regular basis so when a reminder is sent out to members, the lodge secretary is also reminded which people he needs to send the information to by post.