There is a free 4 month trial of this tool with no obligation to purchase at the end of the trial.

At the end of the free trial, there is an annual subscription for Lodge Manager. The intention is to keep this subscription as low as possible. The subscription covers:

– provision of web service

– maintenance and support of the tool

– new features

– storing lodge documentation in a secure location

If Lodge Manager is being used to send out lodge documents electronically, there will be a cost saving in postage and printing. It is hoped that this saving will also make the subscription very cost effective. In some cases, if most lodge members are receiving summonses and minutes electronically, the savings in printing and postage could offset this cost.

The levels of subscription are as follows:

Number of Members Storage Price per year Price for 3 years
Up to 60 Up to 150Mb £50.00 £99.00
60+ members Up to 200Mb £70.00 £135.00

Prices Include VAT.